Private lessons are available in-person at my home in Jamestown, at Robert's Music in West Warwick, and/or online.

...giving the dog a flute lesson. <3

Helping you to find the will and the way...(You will need both!)


    As a private teacher of over 25 years, I have developed a style and strategy that works well to inspire motivation and create a realistic plan that includes what and how to practice.  I am also a fan of gently addressing the issues that are challenging to all of us, such as performance anxiety and lack of confidence.  I am a private flute teacher, a motivational coach, and most of all an advocate for my students.

    I am continually striving to improve and refine my playing and my teaching.  I  recently completed "Performance Psychology Essentials for Educators" and received the accompanying certificate.  The course was taught by highly respected Julliard graduate and Performance Psychologist, Noa Kageyama, MM, PhD.  I have also taken, body mapping specialist, Lea Pearson's, course, "Music Minus Pain, Mini Course for Teachers".  I am exited to share some of the wonderful tools that have been generously shared with me!  


      "Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."  

Henry Van Dyke


Striving to be the best is exciting and admirable!

However, everyone  has an entirely unique and special gift to offer, regardless of skill level.  


Of course lessons will include work on sight-reading, rhythm, articulation, embouchure, interpretation, intonation, repertoire, scales, and etudes, with extra attention paid to developing an exquisite tone!!!, but I have some particular specialties:   


I am especially interested and skilled in the following:

creating a customized practice plan and lesson experience with you, that reflects your individual goals 

* helping you to find or rediscover inspiration and motivation

* helping you to find your unique style and sound

* helping you to play with ease and connection to the music

* encouraging performances where you and and your listeners have a moving heartfelt experience

* coming up with creative and imaginative solutions for stubborn problems and "plateaus"  

* efficient practice strategies that can make the very most of your practice time



We will be a perfect fit for remote or in-person lessons if  you (or your child):

 have been playing at least one year, and are at least 12 years old (adults welcome!)

* have time to practice at least 30 minutes, at least 5 days per week

*  want to be the best flutist you can be (serious or hobby)

*  want to enjoy (or rediscover the joy of) flute playing 


** For beginners, fully in-person lessons are required for at least one year prior to taking remote lessons.