Hope and me 2011

 Hi!  I'm Gina.  

I am a RI based flute player and flute teacher.  Also, worth mentioning, I am someone who likes to rescue and care for animals.  The latter, while completely delightful and fulfilling, has made it challenging to be completely available for a conventional career path!  In fact, it sometimes feels as though the adult (and I use this term loosely!)  I have become, is someone whose "hobbies" have taken over, to a preposterous degree.  I currently care for 6 cockatiels, one Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo,  two bunnies, and a dog.  At one point I had more!   Lucky for me, and the feathery and furry friends in my charge, I am able to give them the love and attention they need, while scheduling flute teaching, and flute playing in between!  Im not gonna' lie.  It can be challenging.... to do it all well.


My flute story:

It was 1977.  I was 10.  Despite outward appearances, I was a very motivated and mentally intense kid.  I got excellent grades, but I wasn't really exceptional at any one thing.  I was awful at sports, and not particularly popular.  I wanted to be great at something.

My (8 years older than me) brother had a girlfriend, Carol, who played the flute.  She was uncommonly charming.  Sometimes she would come over after school, and  bring her flute.   I recall seeing the plush cornflower blue velvet lining the flute case, and the contrasting shiny silver of the flute.  It looked like an accessory for someone royal and beautiful.  Sadly, I do not recall hearing her play for the first time.  I was too busy being mesmerized by how she looked.  She was a magnificent flutist.  Truly.  Only much later did I realize how special she was as a flutist and a teacher. 

In 5th grade I started playing the flute, and Carol (my secret weapon for flute mastery!) agreed to be my private teacher.  In 5h or 6th grade we had auditions for seating.  There were maybe 8 of us, flute players (I still remember who they were!!). I wanted so badly to be good.  No doubt, it was far more important to me than the other 7.  I got word that I was first chair..and for the first time ever, I had a feeling of elation in believing I could be great at something.

 My parents were divorced.  My father, was a rather stoic person... not all that generous with praise or emotion.  He sent me a card that said "Congratulations" for making first chair..and he cut out pictures of chairs from a magazine...writing "one" "two" "three" underneath.  The first chair photo was much bigger than the other two.  It was really funny and sweet.  I practiced hours every day, so had I not excelled at that audition, that would've been pretty sad! haha




    Flutist, Gina Seraichyk, is a native and resident of Jamestown, RI.  Gina has been performing in and around RI for over 30 years, and teaching private flute lessons for over 25 years.  Gina's first recognition as a flutist was winning a RI Philharmonic sponsored (Chaminade) competition for high school flutists in 1984.  She went on to win a full performance scholarship to the University of Rhode Island, where she studied performance, and then a partial performance scholarship to Berklee College of Music. 

Gina has performed (flute & piccolo) with the American Band under director, Dr. Gene Pollart, the pit orchestras for Theatre-by-the-Sea (Matunuck, RI) and Newport Children's Theatre, the chamber orchestra for the South County Chamber Singers with director, Dr. Enrico Garzilli,  and regularly (1999-2015) at St. Francis of Assisi Parish (Wakefield) and St. Romuald Chapel (Matunuck).  She has collaborated with the acclaimed composer, Dr. Enrico Garzilli (1937-2022), on various musical projects including performances and recordings. Most notably, her playing is featured on the soundtrack, written by Dr. Garzilli, for the PBS documentary "America's Forgotten Hero: Ida Lewis Keeper of the Light" (2014).  Gina performs solo recitals locally, plays with premier RI wind quintet, Classic Winds, and is a member of Aurora Collaborative, where she is provided opportunities to perform chamber music with other musicians for the community.

Gina is a member of the National Association for Music Education as well as the Rhode Island Music Educators' Association.  She has experience as a RIMEA Senior  All-State audition adjudicator.

    Gina's primary private flute teachers have been Carol Lane, Donna Hieken (Boston Philharmonic Orchestra), Gregory Zeitlin (RI Philharmonic Orchestra), Wendy Rolfe (Berklee College  of Music), Seta DerHohanessian (New England Conservatory), and Susan Thomas (RI Philharmonic Orchestra).  She has also had lessons with Donna O'Brien (RI Philharmonic Orchestra), Goran Marcusson (international prize winning flutist), and Sheryl Cohen (Toledo Symphony).